Web Design Complete Course in 60 Days



Part 1 (Websites & Domains)

•   Practical Introduction to Web Design (Adv)

Domain Search

Web Browsers

Domain Auction

Domains (Advanced Training)

Domain Coupons

•   Domain Registration (Advanced Training)

Domain Parking

.com.gh Domain Registration

Domain Redirection

Domain Renewal (Advanced)

Domain Privacy

Domain Transfer (Advanced)

•   Website Ranking and Value

Online Payments (Advanced)

Sub Domain


Addon Domains

Name Servers (DNS)


Part 2 (Web Hosting – Advanced)

Web Servers • Bandwidth
Uptime / Downtime • Website Backups
Shared Hosting •   FTP, File Upload and File Management
Dedicated Hosting • Web Traffic Management
VPS Hosting •   Database Setup, Management and Transfer
Clustered Hosting
Reseller Hosting •   Web Hosting Cloud Firewall, Security
Addon Hosting  and Speed Boosting Web Hosting Administration
•   WHM (Web Host Manager)  
cPanel •   Best Recommended Hosting providers  in the world
Port Numbers
IPs (Internet Protocols) • Web Hosting Business

Part 3 (Emails – Advanced)

Email Servers •   Email Configurations on PC, Tablet and
Incoming Servers  Mobile
Outgoing servers • MX Records
Emails Protocols • WebMail
SMTP • Email Signatures and Email Aliases
IMAP •   Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc
POP3 • Google Apps
Email Clients • Office 365

Part 4 (Web Design – Beginner to Professional Level)

  • Responsive Website Design (PC, Tablet and Mobile)
  • Introduction to Coding and Web Languages

  • HTML Coding ( Intermediate)
  • Introduction to Dynamic Web Development

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Introduction to CSS

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (Introduction)

  • Adobe Photoshop (Intermediate)
  • Content Management System

  • WordPress Advanced Training
  • WordPress Themes

  • Advanced WordPress Customization
  • Corporate Website Design

  • Multimedia Website Design
  • E-commerce Website Design

  • News/Magazine Website Design
  • Web Animations

  • Logo and Graphic Design (Intermediate)
  • Web Design Software and Tools

  • Web Plugins
  • Purchasing of Premium Themes Online


Amtech Computer Training School was founded in 2004 by a PC Webmaster called Mr. Banson. Himself is an I.T professional with decades of experience in web design, graphics, Networking, PC-Repairs and Programming.

Mr. Banson is a world-class web designer and programmer who has designed over 500 websites in the past 10 years. He has designed many websites for corporate bodies in US, UK, India, Nigeria, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire, Netherlands, and many other nations including Ghana, his home country.

We believe that this I.T knowledge is a special gift from God that needs to serve the world, and as a PC Webmaster the best way of serving the world with I.T is to train the world. Amtech Computer Training has designed a 60 Days Practical Training Course in Website Design and has currently trained about 600 Ghanaian youths with this Web Design Skills.

We initially had a vision of sharing his web design skills with only 200 people but because of the unbelievable success of the training program, we now understands that everyone needs this training, and teaching this I.T skill is also part of our call, especially the youth. Some of the students trained are Bankers, Lawyers, Journalists, Accountants, Students, Unemployed and even IT experts.

After the 60 Days training course, which will be completed in 8 weeks both Online, Regular and Weekend, you will be able to design corporate websites, multimedia websites, e-commerce websites, news and magazine websites for PC, Tablet & Mobile.

We have received countless testimonies of the life transforming impact of this training, especially to the youth, the jobs it has created for them after their training, the opportunities made available to them, and especially testimonies on the amazing structure and the depth of knowledge and experience shared during the training session itself.

Currently, this Website Design Course is free for (Part 1 only) the introduction and it’s open to all who have the desire to learn Website Design or understand how the internet operates. All you need to do is to Register with GHc50 and also reserve GHc50 Data fee for each of the four (4) Parts that will be written within the 8 weeks period. This is FREE WEB DESIGN because we believe that teaching this course is part of our goodwill service and that the training should be accessible to the youth and all who have the desire to learn and receive this technical skill.

Students will be able to get a job with the knowledge you acquire or even start their own business to design websites for companies. This technical skill is very important for our world today because the world is changing and the internet is becoming the biggest platform that the whole world will be on in few years to come, and so learning about how to control the internet will be the best investment of their time now. 


All Web Tools (Software, Templates, Plugin, etc) will be given to every student free of charge. Other materials such as Lesson Videos and Training Handbooks will be recommended to the student as the course progresses.


The tuition fee is FREE (for Part 1 only), however there is a registration/admission and Data fees, and certain materials and tools required for effective studies will also be recommended to the student.

50.00 Registration and Admission Processing
800.00 Tuition Fee
50.00 Certificate Fee (option)
50.00 Training Manuals, Videos & Certificate (option)

NB: Admission in progress, register today! Admission closes as soon as the class is full.
Call: 0240879983 or 0208123227  for more information.


Every student is required to have a laptop and internet access for class every day because this is a hands-on practical training and 95% of what will be taught must be practiced in class. Students will be trained in online payment and will be required to acquire payments medium such as VISA/Master Cards, and also acquire a domain name and web hosting for their project works. All requirements will be well understood by all students after they are fully oriented.



  • Each student will design 5 websites as project works for PC, tablet and mobile.

  • Stand a chance to win a free laptop and other awards and amazing prizes.
  • Be a professional web designer

  • Be a professional domain registrar
  • Be a professional web host

  • Get a certificate of completion and the keys to start a web company
  • Get 60 Days Training Videos for referencing and refreshing.

  • Get the 60 Days Web Design Handbook
  • Stand the chance of joining the Global Community of Webmasters


Office Location: GPS: EN-010-7986

Address : Kotoko Street Ogua, KOFORIDUA

Call Now : 0240879983 or 0208123227


Mr. Banson has worked in I.T Technology for over 25 years. He has been certified and instructing I.T since 1996. He has helped thousands of people to get started or advance their careers in the I.T industry. When he is not in the classroom, he is out helping corporations with their network infrastructure as an independent consultant. Mr. Banson will get you ready to pass your exams while you develop the skills needed to succeed in the “real world”. His teaching style encourages you to have fun while you learn. Mr. Banson also volunteers his time in his local community as a web tutor for struggling youth who need I.T career to upgrade their skills.