Graphic Design Complete Course in 60 Days

Course content What you’ll learn

  • Learn Essential Tools & Interface of Adobe Photoshop.
  • Learn How to Make basic designs and posters.
  • Understand vector and Raster Images.
  • Understand colors and their uses.
  • Learn tricks to change the color of images.
  • Create interesting posters with black and white backgrounds and text effects.


In this first class we will learn the very basic interface of Adobe Photoshop, tools, layers shapes and how to open or place the image in the software.  

  • Essentials of graphic design

In second class we will learn some essentials of graphic design, fonts, colors, types of images like vector and raster images and some examples of good and bad designs.  

  • Layer Styles – Creating an ecommerce poster

In third class there will be a complete exercise of creating an ecommerce poster, & the goal will be to learn layer styles in it. We will learn how to add stroke, change color of objects using color overlays and how to add shadow on layers and texts.  

  • Adjustment layers

In fourth and second last class, we will learn adjustment layers, and by learning adjustment layers we will adjust colors of objects, change backgrounds, increase light and contrast & learn how to apply filters on images.  

  • Photo Manipulation & Poster Designs

In final class there are some interesting poster exercises and by the end of the class you will have a lot of stuff in your mind that you can start with as practice in Photoshop   The tuition fee is below , however there is a registration/admission and Data fees, and certain materials and tools required for effective studies will also be recommended to the student. Learn how to design 👉Church posters 👉Wedding invitation 👉Complimentary cards 👉Funeral posters 👉Political posters and many more  

50.00 Registration and Admission Processing
800.00 Tuition Fee
50.00 Certificate Fee (option)
50.00 Training Manuals, Videos & Certificate (option)

NB: Admission in progress, register today! Admission closes as soon as the class is full. Call: 0240879983 or 0208123227  for more information. CONTACT DETAILS

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Call Now : 0240879983 or 0208123227     Mr. Banson has worked in I.T Technology for over 25 years. He has been certified and instructing I.T since 1996. He has helped thousands of people to get started or advance their careers in the I.T industry. When he is not in the classroom, he is out helping corporations with their network infrastructure as an independent consultant. Mr. Banson will get you ready to pass your exams while you develop the skills needed to succeed in the “real world”. His teaching style encourages you to have fun while you learn. Ed also volunteers his time in his local community as a web tutor for struggling youth who need I.T career to upgrade their skills.